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Two new Holiday candles in available in ALL Scents Now available!

Order by December 17th for Christmas Delivery!

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Everyone's favorite Fall flavor is here. Pumpkin Spice!
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passport1I started CandleTropics in 2009 up in San Jose, California with the hopes of creating the best eco-friendly scented candles out of my kitchen and selling them at festivals and farmers markets. We’ve since moved to Los Angeles, and expanded our offerings but I still make the candles and soaps in my kitchen in small batches. I even grow some of the ingredients in my back yard! I hope you agree that my products are the best you’ve ever seen. If not, please do let me know. You can reach me directly at using the “Email Us” link below. I answer all emails . We just relaunched our website. Watch for news about where you can find us in person soon!