Available Scents & Ingredients

Essential Oils

I carry many different scents and ingredients for your favorite products. If our website does not offer a particular scent/ingredient combination, I can certainly custom blend something for you. Below, you’ll find all the information you need regarding what scents we have available. Even if it’s not here, we might be able to get it. If you’d like to make a special request of any kind, be sure to send me an inquiry here. Certain scents are for candles only and cannot be used on the body. I am working on writing descriptions for each scent and will post them here soon. This page is still under construction 🙂 You an always ask on Facebook what a scent smells like. ❤ icons signify exclusive “signature” scents you won’t find anywhere else.

Fragrance Oils
In Stock Now: Special Order Required (+6 to 10 days)
Dragon Dreams™ Amaretto Nog Citronella Island Hibiscus Pomegranate Cider
Lime Cooler Amber Noir Clean Cotton Jamaica Me Crazy Pumpkin Pie
Mulberry Angel Coconut Juniper Breeze Pumpkin Souffle
Coconut Lime Verbena Antique Sandalwood Coconut Lime Lavender Rain Water
Rainwater Apple Harvest Coconut Lime Verbena Lavender Chamomile Raspberry Sangria
Sugar Cookie Apple and Clover Cool Citrus Basil Lavender Cucumber Sage Red Currant
Cinnamon Buns Apples and Maple Bourbon Coriander and Tonka Leather Red Ginger Saffron
White Tea Baby Powder Cotton Candy Lemon Pound Cake Red Hot Cinnamon
Green Tea & Lemongrass Banana Nut Bread Cotton Tree Lemon Verbena Rose
Buttercream Basil and Herb Cranberry Marmalade Lilac Rosemary
Blackberry Marmalade Bayberry Creme Brulee Lime Cooler Sage and Pomegranate
Asian Amber Beach Linen Cucumber Melon Love Spell Sandalwood
Chocolate Bird of Paradise Cucumber Mint Macintosh Apple Sea Mist
Caribbean Teakwood Black Cherry Day at the Spa Mango Papaya Sea Salt and Orchid
Black Currant & Nectarine Black Currant Tea Dragon’s Blood Mango and Tangerine Sex on the Beach
Moon Lake Musk Black Raspberry Vanilla Type Drakkar Type Meadow Smoke and Odor Eliminator
Vanilla Hazelnut Black Sea Driftwood Mediterranean Fig Snickerdoodle
Sunset Citronella™ Blackberry Sage Egyptian Amber Merry Mistletoe Type Sparkling Pomelo
Coconut Lime Blood Orange English Garden Mimosa and Mandarin Spice Market
Panda Dreams™ ❤ Blue Spruce Fig Tree Mint Mojito Strawberry Shortcake
Lavender Vanilla Blueberry Cheesecake Fig and Rhubarb Mistletoe Strudel and Spice
Mimosa & Mandarin Blueberry Cobbler Fireside Moon Lake Musk Sunwashed Linen
Baby Powder Brandied Pear Frankincense and Myrrh Mulberry Sweet Pea
Fresh Bread Brown Sugar and Fig Type Fraser Fir Mulled Cider and Chestnuts Vanilla Hazelnut
Antique Sandalwood Buttered Rum Fresh Coffee Nag Champa Very Vanilla
Sea Mist Cake Fruit Slices Oakmoss and Amber Vetiver
Citron & Melon Candied Apple Garden Mint Ocean Breeze Violet Lime
Very Vanilla Caramel Popcorn Gardenia Orange Blossom Watermelon
Amber Noir Caramelized Pralines Gingerbread Orange and Chili Pepper Whiskey
Chardonay Caribbean Teakwood Golden Rose Orange and Goji Berry White Tea
Cinnamon & Vanilla Cassia and Amber Grapefruit and Mangosteen Passionfruit and Guava White Tea and Berries
Coconut Cedarwood Vanilla Green Tea and Lemongrass Peach
Orange & Chili Pepper Chardonnay Hansel and Gretel’s House Peach Nectar
Kettle Corn Chocolate Fudge Harvest Berry Pecan Pie
Cucumber Mint Christmas Hearth Hazelnut Coffee Peppermint Bark
Leather Christmas Tree Himalayan Bamboo Peppermint and Eucalyptus
Cedarwood Vanilla Cinnamon Buns Holly Berry Pine Cones
Cassia & Amber Cinnamon Chai Honeydew Melon Pineapple Sage
Cool Citrus Basil Cinnamon Stick Honeysuckle Pink Magnolia Blossom
Lilac Cinnamon and Vanilla Honeysuckle Jasmine Plumeria
Lavender Cucumber Sage Citron and Mandarin Hydrangea Pomegranate
Essential Oils Special Ingredients
Eucalyptus Avocado oil  Cocoa Butter
Sweet Orange Castor oil  Shea Butter
Grapefruit Vitamin E oil  Peanut Butter  (Just kidding!)
Bulgarian Lavender Chamomile extract
Peppermint Sea algae extract
Tea Tree Hemp oil
Clove Neem oil
Cypress Aloe Vera gel
Frankincense Fresh basil
Ginger Fresh peppermint
Myrrh Fresh lemonbalm
Oregano Calendula petals
Rose Colloidal oatmeal
Rosemary Olive oil
Sandalwood Beeswax