I can make you a candle (or 100) that you love!

For custom soap orders, click here.

I have many options, and can give you ideas or suggestions, just contact me at to place an order.


Pricing & Shipping:
Prices listed are regular retail prices. Orders of 12 or more candles will include a 15% bulk discount. Orders of 48 or more will include a 30% bulk discount.
There are no refunds on custom orders.  I accept all major credit cards or cash in person for custom orders. Orders of 12 or more require a 50% deposit and the balance due when ready to ship or on in-person delivery. Shipping costs will be estimated when the order is placed, and finalized when the order is packed for shipping, and added to the balance of the order. For local customers, in-person pickup is always encouraged to significantly decrease costs. There are no refunds on custom orders.

Production Times:
All orders depend on material availability. For large orders materials will likely need to be ordered before your candles are made. Orders of less than 12 candles can usually be shipped within a week. Orders of 12 or more may take 3-4 weeks for production. 

Custom Labeling:
We can provide custom labels for your candles upon request, with your logo and text, or you may provide your own (inquire about dimension requirements.) A one-time design fee of $25 applies if I create a label for you. Orders not requesting custom labels will be packaged with standard CandleTropics labels, unless otherwise requested.



Here are some choices of containers: (More may be available. Feel free to ask!)

*Colored Bubbles are available assorted colors only and unfortunately cannot be specified. 



Some of our containers allow optional lids:

These are only available for the Status Jar, Cylinder, Hurricane and Roman Urn containers. Other containers which do not show lids, will come topless. All candles come packaged in biodegradable shrink wrap.



Current Scent List:

I currently offer the following fragrances for custom orders:
(Some fragrances may require extra production time due to availability.)

  • Dragon Dreams™ gd-exclusive
  • Midnight Breeze™ gd-exclusive
  • Everything September™ gd-exclusive
  • Panda Dreams™ gd-exclusive
  • Vanilla Dreams™ gd-exclusive
  • Christmas Dreams™ gd-exclusive
  • Darkest Dreams™ gd-exclusive
  • Magical Hawaii™ gd-exclusive
  • Sunset Citronella™ gd-exclusive
  • Lemon Cookie™ gd-exclusive
  • Juicy Citrus™ gd-exclusive
  • Berry Cool™ gd-exclusive
  • Citrus Chili Pepper
  • Winter Peppermint
  • Black Cherry
  • Citrus Basil
  • Cucumber Mint
  • Black Leather
  • Summer Rain

I have access to many hundreds of other scents, including essential oils. If you don’t see a fragrance here that you are looking for, I can probably get it for you at no extra cost.