How We’re Green

The earth is important to us. Everything we do starts with how it effects the environment and we do everything to minimize our friendly

Here are our current efforts to keep everything sustainable:

  • Our candle wax is a blend of soy wax made from soybean crops that are grown in the USA and certified sustainably produced. We no longer use palm oil or palm wax in our candles.
  • Our candle containers are completely recyclable and often reclaimed from other products.
  • We encourage our customers to return their candle containers to us for reuse by offering unlimited credit toward their next purchase.
  • Every box we ship is recyclable and reused. Cardboard is compostable!
  • The packing material in every box we ship is recycled and reused and we try our best to stick with bio-degradable materials
  • We make small batches in our kitchen on our stove.
  • We do not dispose of wax waste into the environment, it is always reused.

We are always looking for ways to reduce our footprint on the world. If you know of any ways we could improve our programs, we want to hear about them! Just drop us a line below!


Why We Stopped Using Palm Wax

OM-LG1_LWe used to make beautiful and unique shimmering candles made from a candle wax called palm wax. I tried very hard to find a wax and distributor who was very responsible and promised the world when it came to how safe their palm wax was. Unfortunately, it was too good to be true. Despite the promise that it was produced responsibly and the producer belonging to The Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), it became clear that we’d been had. Despite being created and run by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), a world renowned environmental organization with a long history of environmental protection, the RSPO label and membership is not supervised by any authority and rules are rarely enforced [1]. Even then, usually the only recourse is revocation of the right to use the RSPO label. to those who break the law regarding deforestation. It breaks my heart to know that our most beautiful candles turned out to be made from a product which is responsible for hundreds of millions of acres of deforestation of the rain forest in Indonesia, effecting endangered wildlife like elephant, rhino, orangutan and tigers. The only place where all four animal families coexist together.

Even though they aren’t as “pretty” and soy wax candles are not so unique or special these days, we’ve switched all of our candle wax to American made wax made from soybeans that are grown only in the U.S.A.  This is the only way we can be entirely sure that our products do not contribute to rainforest deforestation.
1. Source: The Ecologist


A video regarding the struggle against illegal Indonesian palm oil plantations: